Men's Pharmacy Online

Men's Pharmacy Online
Boring bits aside, at Menschem, we are passionate about men’s healthcare! We want to put that lead back in your pencil, and we believe it won’t be the price keeping you up all night! We believe our products will make you deliver and will help bring your confidence back! We believe you should work hard and play harder!

Pun’s aside we are dedicated to provide a discreet, efficient and friendly service to our patients and do not want men to lose out on looking after themselves!

Our superintendent pharmacist, Shailen Karia, has worked in a community setting for the last seven years and has first-hand seen the reluctance of men to access healthcare. With the growing number of patients choosing to use online healthcare services, he is very enthusiastic to ensure that those who may not have accessed healthcare in the past, may be able to in their own time.

Our head prescriber, Bhavesh Dalal GPhC Reg No.: 2077463, has undertaken further studies as a pharmacist and takes a particular interest in men’s health. Working in a community setting he too is excited by the opportunity to help men become more confident!

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